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Who is Kierra Raquel? Truth is, that’s the question everyone wants answered. Until recently she was a virtual unknown in the world of adult entertainment and then almost if magically overnight she has became the name men across the world are whispering and typing into Google.

There is very little known about little miss Kierra Raquel but I aim to change that.  I am putting together a very detailed biography of her and will continue to add to it and expand it as more information on her becomes available.

Kierra Raquel

In the very near future we have an interview with her lined up during which time we will find out answers to all the questions we’ve wanted to know about her including the one question on all of our minds — are her boobs real or fake?  Will she be going professional – aka be a full time porn star and things of that nature.

What we do know is that Kierra Raquel started her adult movie career sometime in late 2008.  She works almost exclusively in the Miami area.  Her official name is Kierra Raquel but from time to time, studios and production houses will make mistakes and as such as he has been also credited with the spelling Kierra Racquel and Kierra-Racquel or Kierra-Raquel.