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Quick Facts

3 January, 2010

Here are some quick biographical facts about Kierra Raquel as well as some answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Date of Birth – October 6, 1988
  • Height – 5 foot 1
  • Weight – 105 pounds
  • Hair color – Brown
  • Eye color – Brown

Does Kierra Raquel really wear corrective lenses?

Yes unlike some stars who wear them to try and be sexy, Kierra Raquel actually wears glasses. Hers are not fake they are in fact real corrective lenses.

Is Kierra Raquel married?

No.  We are told she does have a boyfriend but he completely encourages her career choices and even helped her book one of her first scenes.

Are Kierra Raquel’s boobs real?

That is the million dollar question we all want to know and truth is, right now I don’t know 100% for sure. Our resident “expert” claims that no way they are fake that only real boobs hang down like that but I just don’t know. Those are some bigggg boobs to be on such a tiny little girl. I do however have a call into her people to find out.

Will Kierra Raquel be making any more movies?

Oh yes. She has only really started her career as an adult entertainer. In fact she is booked already for a new movie with the award winning director Cezar Capone in early 2010 and possibly one for Emily Rigby.